Our initial consultation of 30 minutes is free. If you decide to formally engage with mediation services with Zenith Resolutions, these are the standard fees. Important to note: we do not believe anybody should be barred from solving their issue in mediation because of financial reasons. If you cannot afford these fees, we will happily direct you to an organization that may be able to help. 

  • $400 for the first 4* hours of mediation, including one hour of preparation.
  • For every additional hour of mediation, I charge $250 per hour.
  • For every additional hour, I bill by 15 minute increments.
  • You can also buy an additional 3 hour block for $300

*This cost includes 30 minutes for your Lead Mediator to go over the mediation process and review all engagement documents. It also includes 30 minutes of your Lead Mediator’s time to review any mediation statements or materials prior to mediation. This fee is intended to be a one-time cost that covers the mediation in total. In many cases, we do not exceed this amount; however, that is not guaranteed.

If your dispute involves a complex issue that we feel necessitates extra research, or consulting an outside expert, we will let you know beforehand. You may then decide if you are okay with any additional costs. Alternatively, I can suggest another mediator with the proper expertise to resolve your dispute. Their fees will be at their own discretion and per your agreement with them.

If your case requires an extensive review of materials before the mediation (i.e. evidence, statements or other documentation) I will charge $150 per hour.

Also, we do not charge for the time it takes to schedule a mediation unless scheduling starts to be overly time-consuming and we are unable to efficiently decide on a date and time. We will alert all parties before we begin to bill for logistical costs.

At Zenith Resolutions we do not believe anybody should be barred from solving their issue in mediation because of financial reasons. If you can demonstrate a valid financial hardship, please contact us directly and we will work with you to find a way we can proceed with mediation. If you cannot pay our fees, we will also can provide information to organizations that provide mediation at an even more affordable rate. That being said, most mediators charge a lot—some even charge thousands of dollars an hour. Why? Because it’s an extremely valuable and effective way to achieve a quick, satisfactory resolution to what might otherwise be a costly and lengthy litigious dispute. While $400 is a hefty price-tag, it might be much less than the thousands you could spend in attorney’s fees, filing fees, and court costs—not to mention a verdict that might not be in your favor. It is our intention to provide greatly reduced rates for claims pre-filing, as well as any claims filed in small claims court. Please inquire.

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